A documentary film featuring Saranac Lake's ICE PALACE -- since 1898, Americana to the core.


Every year, high in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, a small band of locals and a crew of prison inmates struggle against impossible weather conditions to build the historic Winter Carnival Ice Palace.  

Part Mardi Gras, part Rio Carnival, and part Twin Peaks, the centerpiece of the 10 day Saranac Lake Winter Carnival is the Ice Palace.  Shot during the rollercoaster winter of 2016 --  ICE PALACE, A LOVE LETTER takes you inside the planning and execution of the historic Ice Palace as Mother Nature throws the builders some wicked curves. 

A heaping serving of Americana!

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ICE palace,




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Mark C. Burns  producer/cinematographer/editor 
Mark Burns is a freelance editor and producer who lives and works in New York City. Since 1994, he has worked at Barwall Productions, Barbara Walters’ production company. He was lead editor for her network specials including The Ten Most Fascinating People of the Year and the Oscar Night Special. He was also a frequent editor for ABC’s 20/20 newsmagazine. He has worked extensively as a an editor for some of the biggest names in television production. Recent credits include ABC’s Lincoln Square Productions (‘Boston EMS’ for ABC), Sharp Entertainment (’90 Day Fiance’, for TLC) and Leftfield Pictures (‘Alone’ for History Channel). Other credits include programs for TLC, VH1, Sundance, A&E, History, MTV, CBS, Travel, NHL, Spike, National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. As producer, he has created short films and documentaries for the 3Generations Foundation, the Yele Haiti Foundation, the Criterion Collection, and AARP.


Yvette Tomlinson  producer

Yvette Tomlinson is an award-winning independent film and television producer whose long list of credits as producer and director include feature films, commercials, documentaries and television journalism.  Ms. Tomlinson is currently in production on two documentaries, 'The Eagle and the Hummingbird', showcasing the track and field rivalry between Jamaican and the United States, and 'Mento: Jamaica’s Lost Music', highlighting the folk music and performers of a nearly forgotten time in Jamaica’s history. In 2008, Ms. Tomlinson co-produced the award winning documentary, 'For Love of Water'. The film highlights the many issues surrounding our world and our precious water resources. An official Sundance Film Festival selection in 2008, the film is distributed by Oscilloscope Films, and continues to be screened around the world. In 2003, Ms. Tomlinson produced the feature-length narrative film HomeGirls on the Prowl, an official selection in competition at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. As a television producer, Ms. Tomlinson created segments for A&E’s Biography of the Year and CBS News Production’s, The Twentieth Century with Mike Wallace. She has produced a number of award-winning short films and been production- manager on numerous independent feature films.



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